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My passion for learning and language started when I moved as a child to live in Germany and was thrown into the deep-end at a German secondary school. I had to learn quickly how to speak the language and how it was constructed. I found this a really fascinating process and became a bit of a grammar hawk. I later found that I could apply a lot of the rules of the English language. After I finished school, I attended university to study Psychology and later Radiography. I took some time off to have children and re-evaluate my career.  I enjoyed the time with my children growing up and found that I also enjoyed tutoring other children. This developed as my passion and I undertook a PGCE in Education. I have worked in several primary schools and also as a private tutor for some of the well-known franchises. My dream has always been to offer structured  support and to give something back to the community of which I am proud to be a member. 
In the summer of 2019 I made the decision to go for it. 

I researched all the available franchises – all the names you will have heard of – and the whole process allowed me to understand that their approach was at odds with mine. Their prime driver   is to make profit, whereas mine is to ensure full consideration for the child and their progress. This franchise model was not the reason why I got into teaching. 

So, I set about considering how I would run tutoring that I would be happy to send my own children to. My core values are focused around a high quality of education in a nurturing and positive environment. Above all else I want my tutoring to be affordable without compromising on quality. I achieve this by placing my classes in the heart of community, utilising existing spaces. Since Covid, Brianboost has expanded our specialist online tutoring services, which means we are now able to cover a wider area.

Every child presents a different opportunity and my satisfaction comes from giving each child the confidence and the skills to fulfil their potential. I look forward to welcoming you and your children to Brainboost.

Meet the Team

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